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Shop Page #1 Add-On

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Looking for a simple shop page for your business? Showit paired with Shopify Lite buy buttons is perfect for brands with minimal products (15 or less). This shop page is neutral and easy to blend into your branding or existing Showit website!

Simply plug in your information and photos and use as a +site or add to your current site.

Includes a sample product page that you will duplicate as needed for your products.

Note: This single page add-on does not include free access to my Launch With Moxie Showit course.

Launch With Moxie Showit Course

Learning a platform can be intimidating, but you won't be at it alone, I promise! You can make your way through this easy course in just a day or two. I'll take you through installing your new template on your Showit account, to customizing it, to launching it. Get ready to pop bottles, my friend!